July Tips

1. Lawns will benefit from another application of fertiliser this month.

2. Alternating the direction of mowing each time you cut your grass will result in a better finish.

3. Check fruit bushes for signs of pests and treat with an insecticide if necessary.

4. Prune out unwanted growth of early flowering shrubs.

5. Bedding plants should be planted out now.

6. Continue to water newly planted shrubs and trees generously as a severe dry spell will kill them. Water all shrubs growing against walls.

7. Deadhead all Spring flowering shrubs as they finish to keep the garden tidy and conserve the plant’s strength.

8. If your soil is alkaline, this is the time to apply Sequestrene to the soil to keep Hydrangeas blue.

9. Strawberries will be starting to ripen now.Pick them over daily taking the stalks along with the berries.

10. Root vegetable and Winter salad plants should be sown now.

Buy with confidence - 5 Year Plant Guarantee!

At Hillside, We pride ourselves on quality and choice of plants. We therefore guarantee all our hardy nursery stock for 5 years! If any hardy plants should fail to establish within 5 years we will replace them FREE OF CHARGE!

It’s simple – all you need to do is produce your proof of purchase and bring in plant that hasn’t established. This guarantee is subject to you caring for the plant in the correct way. Extreme climatic conditions may invalidate this guarantee. 
Your statutory rights are not affected or altered by this guarantee.